BR65 - Varsovia - Recursos Inhumanos

by Buh Records



Varsovia release debut album Inhuman Resources

Influenced by minimalism bands like Suicide and DAF, the industrial noise of Throbbing Gristle and SPK, and techno of Kraftwerk and Front 242, and punk rock bands of the mid-70s, Varsovia band present their debut album entitled "Inhuman Resources" through the independent label Buh Records, with good reviews from the press.
The album consists of 7 songs in studio and two live tracks and a remix by the experimental musician Erick Bullón and marks the recording debut of the band, which began touring the underground scenes since mid-2012.
The sound of Varsovia is characterized by the use of analog synthesizers and drum rhythms, dissonant guitars, dark, noisy and fast atmospheres and lyrics criticism of the system.
Varsovia began producing his music at the beginning of 2012 and participated in the album "Ramones in our hearts". His first appearance dates September of the same year and since then have been constant in underground concerts. In September 2013 participated in the second edition of the festival Lima Vive Rock, playing in the return of the legendary band Los Saicos. They have played at festivals with bands like Hanin Elias (former Atari Teenage Riot) and Mueran Humanos.

This album was recorded by Dante Gonzales on synthesizers, sequencing and production, synthesizers and Fernando Pinzás in production and Sheri Corleone voice, guitars and effects. It also has the participation of violinist Anna Cuadra on "We belong to the death." The mastering was conducted by Eduardo Neira and was conducted in Primal Music Studio.
"Inhuman Resources" has been well received by music critics and has been chosen as one of the best releases of the year in media such as blog "Third Speaker" El Comercio, the magazine Caretas, El Peruano, Worldly Treasures magazine and Cosas magazine.
The album is also available via Bandcamp by:

Comments release:
"Dark and belligerent, his music seems to come from the same quarry built nearly four decades ago by the dense sound nightmares of New York duo Suicide.Y can dance." - Raul Cachay, Cosas Magazine. December 2014

"Each of the ten songs on this album creates a different feeling. From the desolation of an impending decline to a kind of dark optimism. All thanks to one sound discourse: the synthpunk. Drum machines and synthesizers hitting directly, beautifully accompanied by witty and acid lyrics ("How does it feel to see the sky from so far away?" Was my favorite line of the disc). Remarkable. "- Fernando Alayo, Blog" Third Speaker "El Comercio. January 2015.

"Forget the pop. This is synth-punk. New wave of protest. Dark post-industrial. Experimental dark. Or whatever you want to call it. This original trio of Lima under the name of Warsaw, looking fret with your music, make you react like a slap in the face with lyrics that speak of innocent blood, church, death and lies. It is, like everything the government does today. And forever. "- One Heap Blog Wonder. November 2014

"Sordid atmospheres, apostates, terrifying nightmarish and nihilistic acquire magnitudes, thanks to its base disturbing sounds no wave, dark, gothic and techno-industrial, emanating from analog synthesizers, guitars and distressing dense voice of vocalist. Although also show moments of experimentation and eclectic "We belong to Death" where hammering sequences are mixed with violins, or the bizarre "The Murderers Are Vuelta" which explored with noise. "- Journal Treasures Mundane" The 30 2014 Best Peruvian "discs. January 2015

"The trio Varsovia, meanwhile, inhuman Resources met in a repertoire of intense and disturbing electronic rock, minimalist and hypnotic rhythms that recall the early '80s, and rebellious and provocative lyrics." - Fidel Gutierrez " 25 national strumming ". Diario El Peruano, January 9, 2015.


released November 22, 2014


Dante Gonzales: Sintetizadores, Programación
Fernando Pinzás: Sintetizadores, Programación
Sheri Corleone: Voz, guitarra y efectos

Temas compuestos por Fernando Pinzás
Arreglos por Dante Gonzales, Fernando Pinzás y Sheri Corleone
Violín en "Pertenecemos a la muerte" por Anna Cuadra
Grabado y mezclado por Dante Gonzales y Fernando Pinzás en El Paraíso de Silicio
Track 8 Grabado en la noche de brujas del 2013, en el Salón Dada, Trujillo
Track 9 Grabado en discoteca Industria el 12 de abril del 2014
Track 10 Producido por Erick Bullón
Masterizado por Eduardo Neira en Primal Music Studio en mayo 2014
Arte/Diseño por Bto Prieto

Noviembre 2014 / Lima - Perú


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