Martina Lussi Martina Lussi (* 1987) lives and works in Lucerne. In 2016 she completed the Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice at the Hochschule der Künste Bern. In 2014, Lussi's debut EP “Composition 008” was published by Präsens Editionen. In addition to other releases in 2017 Hallow Ground published the LP "Selected Ambient". In recent years, Lussi has also presented various installations and works as part of exhibitions.
Live performances as part of the LUFF (Lausanne Underground Film Festival), the Oto Nove Swiss festival in the Café Oto in London, the Rhizom Festival in Zurich and the radio show on Radio Picnic in Brussels let Lussi explore intermediate areas of sound art and music performance. The activity at the interface of these fields continues to shape her work: she composes pieces of music, develops installative works and performs live in various contexts in order to constantly review her material for its qualities.


from BR120 - VVAA - Interactions: A Guide to Swiss Underground Experimental Music, releases October 21, 2019
Martina Lussi - Pool (3:33)
Recorded and mixed by Martina Lussi



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